Littlest Pet Shop Style Playset

Littlest Pet Shop   Style Playset

  • Littlest Pet Shop Style Set includes more than 135 pieces to build a shop and accessorize it
  • Includes exclusive Minka Mark, Kitery Banter and Sunil Nevla pets
  • Build the shop with sliding panels and accessorize with Deco Bits and stickers
  • You’ll never run out of adventures with the Style Set
  • Suitable for children above 6 years old

Design your LPS world your way. The LPS style set comes with 135 pieces that let you design your world any way you want. Pieces include customisable wall panels, reversible scene backdrop, stickers, accessories and Deco bits pieces: A plug-in pieces that add colour and glam to your sets and your pets. Set also includes three exclusive and adorable pets you can customise, Minka Mark (monkey), Sunil Nevla (mongoose) and Kitery Banter (cat). All style sets are inspired by iconic locations from the littlest pet shop animated TV show. They are totally stackable, vertically or horizontally, so you can build your world in any direction.
Suitable for ages 4 years +

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