Minecraft “Light Up” Wall Torch


  • Official Merchandise
  • Great Gift For Any Fan!
  • Great Likeness!

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy the Torch instead of crafting it, so when you’ve run out of charcoal and wood and those hostile mobs start to spawn, get yourself the Minecraft Wall Torch! Now the Minecraft Wall Torch melts snow, prevent lakes from freezing and can be mounted to glass and in pumpkins! Please note: This Wall Torch is a replica of the Wall Torch from the incredibly successful Minecraft game, so it doesn’t do all of the above in the real world, however, it does light up, it can be mounted to walls and it does look really, really cool. Worried about Notch? This is an officially licensed product, so worry not! Measures approximately 11 x 2 x 2″.

Discount Price: £15.00
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